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Industrial Spraying Technologies
Image Industrial Spraying Technologies is a departament of Resin Company, and is authorised distributor of GRACO, WIWA and IBK. In our offer we have complete units ready to spray in every contidions, accesories and protective equipment for spraying workers. For more specyfic information about offer, please visit our website in polish language or contact us.
Resin manufacturer
Image RESIN is the manufacturer of highly specialised protective equipment and technical equipment for workers carrying out anticorrosive works: abrasive blasting (e.g. sand blasting, shot blasting), painting and varnishing works and metal spraying. Our equipment is highly valued by its users as well as by safety & hygiene inspections, which is acknowledged by the companies using our products. RESIN possesses the ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE.
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ImageInformation about our offer is available only in polish or contact us:
RESIN - Industrial Sprauing Technologies
PL 32 052 Radziszów, Jurczyce 111 POLAND
Tel: + 48 12 275 17 26, + 48 12 275 17 26
Fax:+ 48 12 275 17 27
:: www.resin.pl
Przemysłowe Techniki Lakiernicze RESIN - 32-052 Radziszów, Jurczyce 111 k/Skawiny
tel: (012) 275 10 14 / 275 17 27  tel/fax: (012) 275 10 14  email: ptlbiuro@resin.com.pl  NIP: 944-213-02-18
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